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My birthing experience

Name: Julie
Location: Montreal,Quebec,Canada
Number of children:(2),Mayden aged 3, Makenna aged 5 weeks
Married,single,living common law,divoreced? Engaged living common law
Vaginal birth

Hello everyone,I'm new here.So I will try not to write too much.
I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes when I was 27 weeks pregnant.So I was taking insulin once a day.I was told when I was 34 weeks along that they induce women that have GD at least two weeks early.So I was preparing myself.I was due July 28.They asked me to come in July 14 to be induced.I got there at 6am and they had me hooked up to the IV and in my robe by 6:30/Every 30 minutes they increased the amount of drug to induce my contractions.But my contractions were so slow and hardly felt them.I kept asking the nurse to break my water but she said she had to wait for permission from my doctor.By 1pm,I was getting bored out of my mind,so my mom and my boyfriend and I walked around for awhile.THen I seen my doctor.I practically ran her down asking her to break my water.
I was soooo happy when she told me to go back to my room and she will be there in a minute.My water was broken at 2pm.And then,all hell broke loose.My contractions came on so strong and hard I was in tears begging for an epidural.So the nurse went to get the doctor for the epidural.Turns out he was in surgery and couldn't come right away.It was pure torture.
My mother was bugging me by counting the contractions,and saying things like "Oh that one wasn't so bad,lets try for 100" and " come on,you can do better than that".Even though she was joking,it pissed me off.May sound mean,but I threw my juice bottle at her to shut her off.I couldn't help it.My boyfriend was the smart one,he just sat in the background with his mouth shut.
Finally around 3:25pm,I got my epidural,after 1hour and 25 minutes of pure torture,I got my epidural.Just to find out,that the baby was coming too fast and the epidural didn't have time to take.
I felt tremendous pressure below and was actually trying to close my legs.The nurses and my mother and my boyfriend had to pry my legs open.I was begging for a C-section,but they said it was too late.My mother began to get me mad again,joking around with the nurses and such,I told her to F-off.When the woman came for my tv,in between contractions,my mother actually turned it on to check out Passions(soap opera) for a minute.I was in shock.
The doctor finally came back around 3:45pm and told me to push.SHe said the baby was soo far down now,that it would only take one push.But it was the hardest push of my life.I tried once but couldn't do it.Then at my next conraction,I pushed like crazy.Her head came out.I looked over at my boyfriend who had his hand on his mouth.He was amazed at how blond her hair was.
By 3:51pm,I was holding my little girl in my arms.She was born 6lbs 3 ounzes.With a whole head of blond hair.Not one problem with her whatsoever.
Turns out I needed one stitch.After she came out though,my epidural kicked in.Great timing huh?
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