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Hi guys, MY name's hayley and I've just joined. My son is 6months old and i have never spoken in depth about my labour and birth experience, not even with my partner. to be honest I dont want to remember but I can feel it about to erupt from me and most likely to the wrong person so I'll get it out here to people who have the choice to read or not to read.

-Baby's name. Robert William Shrewsbury
-Baby's birthday. 26th July 2005
-Time of birth. 11.17pm
-Weight. 9lb 5oz
-Length. unknown (its not policy at the Norfolk and Norwich Uni Hospital).
-Child birth method. Asissted Vaginal. Forceps. :(
-Apgar scores. 9 @ 1minute, 9 @ 5minutes

I found out I was expecting 4 and a half months into pregnancy, I'm not a small girl so it took abit longer to show on me. I was in total shock as I was on the pill and telling Dave (the fella) was the hardest thing I thought I'd ever have to face so instead I took a photo of the test and sent it to his mobile phone. He called me and asked me what it was all about so inbetween sobs I managed to tell him he was going to be a daddy. My main fear was Dave legging it. We'd only been together for 6months. He was thrilled though, we told my family but waited until after Dave's family's annual get together before we said anything to them because we weren't sure of the reaction we'd get.

Pregnancy was pretty straight-forward and problem-free up until the beginning of July. I was due on the 15th but we could already see Robert was going to be a big boy. I am scared enough of hospitals and procedures at the best of times so at the back of my mind I had this niggly feeling I was in for a tough time therefore my blood pressure began to creep up. At my last appointment with my community midwife, Kirsty (who was a total star), she referred me to the hospital as she thought I was at risk of pre-eclampsia. Once there I became a jittery wreck, the lady in the room next door was screaming down the building tryin to push her little one into the world and my BP crept up abit more. I swear I could feel it. After being told it was fine for me to go home but I would be back in 4days to be induced I ordered Dave to drive me home as fast as he could so I could go to bed.

(b)Monday 25th July - Induction Day.</b>
I'd like to add that through my own personal choice I've forced out as many memories as possible. my recollection of the whole ordeal is hazy but I'll try to get it right and in the right order.
We arrived at the hospital just before 10am and were met by the on duty midwife. Most of the day consisted of being strapped upto monitors, having blood tken and watching TV. A nice student midwife gave me an exam to check my bishop score, inserted some gel and offered some comforting reassurance. Assurance i was well over due i must admit. After the gel was inserted I began to get bearable contractions which went on for the rest of the day. 6 ours later I was examined again and my bishop score noted. apparently id gone from 2 to 6 which is very good news, the midwife on duty said that it was looking likely that I would be having a overnight labour and so Dave could stay on the ward instead of being booted out at 8pm. Robert had other ideas.

11pm came, i was still gettin mild contractions but they sent Dave home anyway. It took a while but I eventually fell asleep only to wake again at about 3am needing the toilet. I'd had a show but settling down into bed again I'd noticed the contractions had stopped completely. Robert wasnt going to budge.

The next morning I was getting very ratty with anyone that crossed me, especially the girl who woke me at 6am with a cold cup of tea, so much so the new midwife phoned dave at about 8am and told him to get in as she was sending me over the the delivery room. Once there I was greeted by a midwife Wendy and her student Jo who were my most favourite of the whole experience. I had my waters broken, an oxytocin drip hooked up and my blood pressure taken. They'd given me something to bring it down the night before which had worked.
I was watching Neighbours when I got this almighty pain, and all of a sudden my contractions started coming thick and fast. I'd been suffering for about 30mins when the anaesthetist arrived to administer the epidural. This was by far the worst part of the day, and the one time me and Dave have spoken about it, he agrees, he said he almost cried too. The best way I could describe the feeling is massive pressure over a tiny surface area pressing down on my spine into my butt. For me it was worse then the contraction pain itself. After 7 atempts he got it in the right place. e said "I'm now about to put in the needle u may feel a sting" and told him to "shut the f*ck up I dont wanna f*cking know!!"

Once in place i felt fine, I was still able to move around but i was knackered. I didnt want to. The staff kept asking me to move about but i refused. Dave told me later I was actually quite rude to them.
The day progressed with as few top ups of pain killer as possible, another shift change and a quick exam. By now I'd lost all track of time, all I knew was it was time to start pushing. I tried, with all my might i tried but got nowhere. I can remember a doctor coming in and saying that if at 10pm i stil wasnt getting anywhere he'd prep me for theatre and forceps would be used.

10pm got here (as i feared it would) with not a peep from Robert. All of a sudden the room was full of people I hadnt seen before. another anaesthetist fiddles around with the epidural and very quickly i became aware that i could barely move. it turned out id had a load of drugs pumped into me "just incase forceps were unsuccessful and c-section was the only option". i was in the theatre, Dave was there holding my hand and someone was pouring hot water on my leg. except it wasnt hot water at all, someone was trailing an ice cube up my leg which meant i was numb. my legs were in styrrups and i was being fiddled with. I remember laying there, ive got the vision in my head but i couldnt respond to anything anyone was saying to me. for the first time in over 3 months i was a total ease, i couldnt feel anything and i was exhausted. I wanted to sleep. i looked at the clock which said 11.15pm. i looked at dave and then my belly deflated. i looked towards my knees and saw Robert very briefly before he was taken to be wrapped up and rubbed to get him breathing. again i looked at Dave, he was watching the nurse with robert then the howling began.

The god honest truth is i cant remember anything else until 3am. 2 auxillary nurses wanted me in the bath. i dont think theyd been informed that id been prepped for c-section and tried to walk me to the bathroom. i went down like a sack of shite. they bed bathed me instead. then another black out. i remember dave coming in, and begging the midwives and nurses to let me go home. i was on edge, i could barely walk. again i found out a little later by reading my notes that id had an episiotomy and lost alot of blood. my begging wasnt in vain though. they gave me iron tablets and pain killers and sent me home.

Home to enjoy my sweet baby boy.

It's a novel yeah I know. scroll through my journal to find the pictures of Robert. hes adorable.

Thankyou for reading (assuming you did). I feel loads better for letting it all out. thankyou.
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