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I'm about a month behind...

Aiden Kotei Anang
Born Monday December 12, 2005
8lbs 2oz
Via Cesarean
Not sure about the APGAR, but he was a little blue.

Ok, first I want to let everyone know that I had given up on the VBAC and had a C-section scheduled for early Monday morning (12/12). We were supposed to be at St. Luke's at 5am, and the procedure was supposed to start at 7:15am.

I was having cramps on Sunday morning (again) that turned into contractions around 1pm. I was so irritated with having contractions and being sent home from the hospital that I decided to try my best to ignore these semi-regular contractions. By the evening, they were still only coming at about 7 minutes apart, but they were getting stronger. At 8pm, we took Julian (my 16 month old) over to my aunt's house to spend the night so that he wouldn't have to get up with us at 4am. By the time we got home, I was getting pretty uncomfortable, so Nii suggested I take a bath... which didn't help. After the bath, I was sitting on my glider and I started crying because I was in pain. We decided to try to go to bed because in the past, after I had gotten some sleep, the contractions either let up little or went away completely. At this point, it was almost midnight and I was actually crying out because it hurt so bad and I was feeling so much pressure. Before it had gotten to this point, I didn't want to call the doctor because my contractions weren't five minutes apart or less... but now (although they were still like 6-7 min apart) we decided that it was time to call. (Nii was afraid that the neighbors were going to think he was killing me, lol.) So, I placed the call with my OB's answering service, and after what seemed like eternity, they called back and told me the OB on call (not my doctor) said I should just come in.

On the way, I called my mom, and she and my sister met us there.
They put us in a room and told me that no matter what, this time I wasn't going home. I was checked and only at 2-3cm, but I was contracting really hard. On the monitor, my contractions were reading all the way up in the 120's. (Which, by the way, is the worse pain I've ever felt in my life!!! Before this, I thought it hurt when they were in the 40-60 range, lol!) They put in an IV and gave me a shot of Staydol, which although it made me feel like I was 4 ft off the ground was not taking any pain away. I was checked again and still the same. This is when the resident said that the only way to make me feel better was to get the baby out, so instead of waiting for Dr. Stevens to come in and do the Cesarean at 7am, the on-call, Dr. Linn, was going to deliver Aiden right then. (Finally!)

They put in a foley (which really hurts when you can feel it being put in) and led me to the OR. Once in there, they gave me a spinal and helped me lay down before letting Daddy come in. The whole time I was laying there with my eyes closed thinking about how much I just wanted it to be over. I wanted so badly to fall asleep, but I didn't want to miss Aiden's birth. Everyone was talking to me, and there must've been an intern in the room because I could hear Dr. Linn walking someone through the C-section step-by-step. I remember them telling me when they broke my water and telling Nii to get ready to take pictures. And then I felt it. As Aiden was delievered, I just felt all the pressure come out with him. It was the best feeling in the world. And I heard him cry. When I looked over and saw him, the first thing I said was, "He's a little chunker!" Daddy went over to him and cut the cord. I was told I could take a nap, and as much as I wanted to, I couldn't seem to fall asleep. They put me back together and wheeled me to my room while Aiden was taken to the nursery. I was so happy that I didn't throw up like I did with Julian. They ended up bringing Aiden right back to me because he was so hungry he wouldn't stop screaming; they didn't even give him his first bath, lol! I was really happy about that; I wanted to be able to nurse him right away.

The delivery itself took about an hour. Aiden was born at 3:27am on Monday December 12. (Coincidentally, 327 was also our room number.) He weighed 8lbs 2oz and was 19.5in long. The first 24 hours after I had him, I had some REALLY heavy bleeding. My blood and iron counts were really low for my whole stay and I almost needed a transfusion, but the morning of the day I was scheduled to leave, they decided against it. As a result, I'm still really anemic and taking iron everyday.

So, there you have it. I'll get pics asap. I realize that Aiden's now a month old, but having two children under the age of 2 keeps me pretty busy. We haven't really worked out any kind of routine yet, but we're getting there.
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