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I'm new here...

Caydence Nykholle
Born @ 36 wks @ 2:26 AM
On March 8th, 2005
4lbs 10oz 17"
Vaginal Birth

The labor/birth story... I'll start from my appointment that had been on March 7th, 2005...

I got to Kaiser at 1:00 PM to get my MFA papers and paperwork to enroll Caydi on my medical insurance. At 1:35 PM I went and checked into my appointment. I was back there to do the usual urine test, check my weight and blood pressure. All was great. I had gained another 4lbs too. Robin took me into Room 4, where my grandparents and I waited for Dr. Yu to come in. About 10 minutes later he came in, we went over why I had went to L&D twice in a 4 day span and about how my Asthma was doing ((pretty poorly)). Then he asked me how Caydence's movements where. I told him they where pretty much null and had been for days. So, he went for the ultrasound machine. As he was checking things out, he noticed that Caydi had NO ROOM to move and that I had lost Amnio Fluids...and didn't even know it. So, he check to see how far along I was...36 Weeks, 4 Days...and he asked me how I'd feel about being induced. I said "wonderful!"....I was thinking 'cool, I'll have a week to prepare before being induced!' ...Nope, Dr Yu told me "Okay then we will induce you today & you'll have her tomorrow, I'll send your chart to L&D. Go ahead and head over there now." ...I seriously thought he was kidding at first. Then, saw he was serious, so I walked out of the office, called Matt & My Mom & headed to L&D. On the way to the hospital, which was just a short walk...but my grandpa wheeled me over in a wheel chair...I called Lacey to let her know what was going on, then called my step mom so that her & my dad could get down here asap. After that, I was at the hospital & got myself checked in. Then I did more calling to family!

At 2:30 PM, I was put into Labor Room 5 and by 3:30 PM, I got my IV in and got started on fluids & medication to keep my Asthma from acting up as I went into labor. I was already having some contractions, so those just helped me along. At 4 PM they inserted the tiny pill into my vaginal area to try to dilate and efface me. 5 PM, I was then moved to Room 3118 in the Recovery area. I had a 6 hour wait. But by 8:30 PM I was having some pretty regular contractions. 10 PM rolled around and I had to go back to L&D so they could hook me up to the monitors and check me. I was still only dilated at 1/2 cm and wasnt effaced at all. However, I was having regular contractions, so they let me go for a few more hours. By now, my dad, step mom & brother had showed up and not far after them, my aunt was here. By 11:15 PM, they inserted the second pill and that's when my contractions went from little ones to HUGE, STRONG, PAINFUL ones. I was in tears from some of them. Some of them just lingered and hanged on, so I finally asked for something through my IV. Well, they couldnt give me anything because Caydi's heart rate had dropped. ...Finally, almost 1.5 hours later, they came in with it....and told my family that they'd give me the other pill at 5 AM & see what happens from there.

15 minutes later, I woke up screaming "She's coming! I NEED to push!" I went from being 1/2 cm dilated and 0% effaced to 10 cm dilated & 100% effaced in less then 2 minutes. *Just like my mother when she had me* ...My mom ran to get the nurse, the nurse came running in, then she went to get the doctor and the doctor came running in, checked me, yelled to the nurse that they baby's head was right there & they took me into the delivery room. The bag of water had tried to come out without breaking...the doctor had a tough time trying to break it, but finally got it and 2 pushes later at 2:26 AM on March 8th, 2005, I had Caydence Nykholle, who was 4lbs, 10oz and 17" long. Matt cut her umbilical cord & helped the nurses clean her up. I was so out of it I didnt care what was going on. In fact, I dont really even remember much about the delivery. I do remember some of it though.

After Caydi was born, the doctor had to stitch me up in 3 places. Pretty bad places too. I tore pretty good. She also noticed that the placenta hadnt came out & was trying to adhear itself to my uterus. I tried for what seemed like forever to push it out. I was so tired and so sore, I didnt want to do it. Finally, it came to the point that the doctor had to stick her arm up inside me and get it out herself. That hurt worse then delivering Caydence, but it had to be done.

I really dont remember what went on after that. Around 7 AM on March 8th I finally woke up and got to know the stats and everything on Caydence. I breastfed her for the first time that morning and she got the hang of it very quick.

My husband also told me that Caydi spent half a day in NICU due to heavy breathing. At the time she was in the NICU, I was still knocked out by the drugs they gave me.

Photos can be found at:
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