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Just joined. My name is Jen, I'm a relatively new mommy. My little girl is 10 weeks old, give or take a few days. She's my first. And after the nine months and labor and delivery, lol, she'll probably be my last!

Fast facts:
Lyric Alexandra

March 04, 2005
11:34 p.m.
6 lbs. 13 oz. 20 ins.
Vaginal - OUCH!!!!

I had a sort of stressful pregnancy. I was scared about having a baby, of course, but mostly scared about having a baby at 19, not being married and being in a very shaky relationship. Plus, I was terrified about what kind of mother I would be.

38 weeks went by. I dropped weight the first three months, rather than gaining it. At 5 months, I actually started puching out. By 7 months, you could tell, even though everyone kept asking if I was 4 months, lol.

My boyfriend and I went through hellacious times, but it looked like we'd be okay. We knew he wouldn't be able to be there for delivery, because of the situation with my grandmother, but he tended to ignore that.

My boyfriend found another girlfriend. We broke up two weeks before the baby was born. I dropped 5 lbs. in one week. I was discharging like crazy. My doctor had said I was 2 weeks farther than could be possible the entire time and going by that said I was close enough. (He thought I was 39 and a half, I was only 37 and a half.) Doctor checked the baby, then told me I'd be induced.

Went to the hospital on the 3rd. They gave me the induction pill twice, and it didn't work. (Moniters said I was contracting like mad, but I wasn't dialating and wasn't feeling anything.) Went back Friday morning. Pill again and nothing happened. Doc decided to give me PIT.

Hours passed. Moniters said I was having contractions like crazy, but I wasn't feeling anything. At 4, my water broke. Still no contractions that I could feel. At 6, I felt it!

Never had pain worse than that.

They gave me the epideral and it lessened it, but my contractions were too strong, I was feelin' it. At 10:30, I started feeling pain so bad that even with the epi, I was ready to cry.

Called the nurse, and she checked. Baby had decided she'd had enough!

The nurses called my doctor and my grandmother. Grams walked in at 11:32. The baby was crowning. Two minutes later, Lyric made her entrance, kicking and screaming and letting everyone know she was now in the world.

The doctor walked in at 11:40, just in time to deliver the afterbirth.

During my whole pregnancy, I had insisted on a girl. I wouldn't let them tell me the sex. I was fully prepared for a boy though. When the nurse told me the baby was a girl, I cried.

Hadn't cried through the entire thing, but I did then.

First time I held her, the nurse handed her to me still dirty and screamimg, and I just couldn't believe it. Nine months, almost anyway, I'd felt like I was dying, - became anemic, my hypoglycemia went through the roof, ad all kinds of allergies I'd never had - but I got this gorgeous little angel from it. It made it so worth the effort.

And it may be insane, and I may say not a chance in hell right now, but I can definately see me going through all that again in say, oh maybe 10 years... LOL.

End of my story now. Here are a few pics of my Lyric:

Photos Here

Sorry about the linkage, my Webshots won't let me post it and I don't know how to do it otherwise.

Hope you enjoyed! ~Jp
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