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Birth story and pictures

Baby's name: Arianna Jayde
Baby's birthday: January 21, 2005 (37 w 5 d)
Time of birth: 1:56pm
Weight: 8 lbs. 7 oz.
Length: 21"
Child birth method: emergency C-section

all night the night before, I was in terrible pain but didn't know if it was contractions. They say your usual first time contractions are false labor so I waited..Finally 8am came and I called knowing the doctor's office would be open. They told me to walk around until my appointment which was at 11am and that I was probably just beginning labor. So, I walked all morning and finally went in and couldn't wait to be seen. Finally they called me back and sort of laughed "you look like a woman laboring" The doctor checked my cervix and said I was 1.8 centimeters dilated and tried to stretch it some more and told me to go walk around some more and come back at 2pm. So, we left and as we rounded the corner to the parking lot, I felt fluid run down my leg. I stopped and told Billy, he felt and it was all blood, so we rushed back in to the office and they cleaned me up, put me in one of those huge diapers and put me in two gowns and told me to go straight over to Labor & Delivery! We went, and I was having contractions on top of one another, about 1 minute apart so they set me up for an emergency cesarean. They put in my IV and catheter, the catheter hurt like crazy! It burned and brought tears to my eyes, I felt as though I were going to pee everywhere. I was terrified because i'd never had any kind of surgery but I wanted my baby nonetheless! So, they took me to the OR and gave me a spinal block which hurt briefly but then made my legs feel numb and tingle which was a weird sensation. Next thing I know i'm lying down, with an oxygen mask on and Billy at my left side and they are operating, i'm wide awake and being a bit of a baby, scared telling them to please hurry but don't tell me what you're doing. I feel lots of tugging and pressure and I can hardly breathe as though someone is sitting on my chest but there is no real pain. I look at Billy who's trying to comfort me and I see my open belly in the reflection of his glasses so I quickly close my eyes and beg for it to be over soon. Next thing I know I hear "look up" and there is my baby girl crying. That's when I started crying and as they stitch me up I apparently fall asleep because I wake to my own snoring. So then, i'm off to recovery and I don't see my baby again for a little while. I apparently became severely anemic from all the blood I lost so they put me on some meds that made me dry heave and feel as though I were on fire, I was out of it all day long, And don't remember much after that. I know I was in recovery for two days and they wouldn't let me have anything to eat or drink, I could only have ice chips. So, since I was pretty much knocked out the entire time, I didn't get to see my baby girl for awhile. But, on the third day I kept her in my room with me pretty much the whole time until I got to go home.

In labor and delivery

in alot of pain!

in recovery, my scar is covered, this is when they were cleaning me up after the surgery


at home 4weeks
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