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New here... and my story isn't new.. but here goes..

Hi everyone :) I'm Nicole and I am proud mommy to Ariana Nicole :) Here goes my best shot its been a while! -Baby's name: Ariana Nicole -Baby's birthday: Friday May 31st 2002 -Time of birth: 5:11am -Weight: 8lbs 9oz -Length: 20 1/4 inches -Child birth method: Vaginal -Apgars: 8 & 9 The rest of the story is under the cut! Lets start here.. Wednesday May 29th, 2002 I was at work bsing with co- workers that I was going to be sure my baby was born before friday because I didn't want to do the Inventory friday night.. they all thought I was full of it.. and I had thursday off.. so as I was leaving they were all saying "See you at Inventory!"... little did they know I wouldn't be there :) I had my 39 week appointment the next day (Thursday the 30th, 2002) and I had been having contractions all morning. My appointment was at 10am and I had been having contactions on and off from 1am... so I go to my dr's appointment same ole same ole this time I was dialted to 2 almost 3 centimeters,they tell me "you're just having braxton hicks... but if you feel like you're in real labor.. please call or go in" .. whatever. I drive home and just deal. I sit on AOL, and watch TV.. and take a nap.. but to no avail.. the contractions didn't go away. I'm sure I talked to a bunch of people that day.. but who remebers exactly. I remeber that around 6 o clock I wanted to go to the Hospital.. the contractions were just getting to be to much. I Called the "On call" doctor.. and he said to head on in.. and get checked. So I called my *boyfriend* and he said he'd be off work at 6:45 or somthing and he got home at 7:15 I was packed and ready to go.. so we went to the hospital that was less than a mile away.


 Get to the hospital and get checked in.. went into Triage, they checked me I was dialted to 4 almost 5cm, and my contractiong were between three and five minutes apart. I couldn't believe it! I wasn't feeling them at all! ( I mean some I was feeling.. just not that often), so they admitted me.. I called my family and this was around 8 pm they all got there as soon as they could... still having contractions close together.. but yet not feeling them all... The nurses were kinda stupid there.. I was in NO mood to rest.. I was anxious.. and they wanted me to sleep. I wanted to see my family. Around 12 (midnight) and they came and checked me and I was close to 8 cm and they told me that my contractions were probley going to get worse.. and this was my last chance to have an Epidural ( I would come to find out this would be a HUGE mistake) so I said "okay I'll do it"... so about 30 minutes later the Anestiologist came in and gave me my Epidural.. and I will say it was a very interesting feeling.. I will say it was entertaing tho.. My legs were so numb and heavy they kept falling off the bed and someone would have to come put them back on the bed... ANYWAYS.. after my Epidural.. they kicked my family out of the room saying they wanted me to sleep.. fine whatever! I Tried to sleep and couldn't.


So lets move on.. I believe it was around 12:30 am when My water broke.. (it was clear) and that was a huge relief... On to 3:45am I was dialated to 10 100% effaced.. it was time to push! at this time they called the dr. and he was on his way there.. he got there shortly after 4am. I pushed and pushed.. and as my daughter started to crown they realized she passed her meconuim. ( This was not visible in the waters ) So they got extra nurses and dr's ready.. they had me push and the whole time I pushed I could see my daughter being born in the glare of the dr's glasses.. *Note* Don't make your focal point the clock on the wall.. because you feel like you're going no where  So as she crowned the NICU nurses all were in there.. there were so many people in there I can't remeber them all.. my daughter was born.. and I had a 3rd degree tear.

As soon as she was out they had a tube down her throat sucking the meconuim out of her lungs.. it was very scary.. I could only sorta see her.. and before they took her out of the room to get her into the NICU I got to hold her.. Its all such a blur.. but i'm sure its better that way.. I was terrified.. but needless to say .. after 4 days she was home.

I will never again have another child in the hospital. I know you may think i'm crazy after what I went through.. but from what one of the nurses said.. I wouldn't had the same odds of that happeneing since it only happend because my labor slowed down from my epidural. My next child will be delivered *hopefully* at home..

Thanks for reading my story!!!!


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