feeling so hot tamale (tess_elizabeth) wrote in wemadelife,
feeling so hot tamale

angelina danielle adams
october 2, 2004
@ 7:58 PM
6 lbs 2 oz
18 1/2 inches long
apgars 8 & 9
vaginal birth

on friday october 1 at about 2 :30 PM, which was 4 days before my duedate, i was in the shower and started feeling some dripping. i didn't really think anything of it because i had false labor two days before and was convinced i was going to be late. i was still leaking when i got out so i went and told my mom. i didn't think i was in labor because it wasn't this huge gush like people described it. my mom said to wait and see what happens. so, i went and got dressed and waited about 30 minutes. then, when i went to the bathroom, my underwear was SOAKED. my mom called the doctor and they told me to come in right away so i could get checked. i called some people & let them know my water broke and angelina was coming! then, we headed to the hospital and when we got there we had to wait in the waiting room for about minutes with 5 other girls because there were so many people in labor. (it happened to be a fullmoon that night too, btw) when we finally got into a room, they checked me and i was 2 cm dialated and 80% effaced. my contractions weren't very close together but they kept me anyway because my water had broken. my aunt & my dad both got there at about 4:30 or so, and after an hour or so of waiting i finally got to into a L&D room. they continued to monitor my contractions and they started getting closer together so i decided to start walking to get things moving. i hadn't had too much pain the entire thing then one contraction hit and omg i was in tears. i went back into my room and waited some more. then at around midnight, they came in and i was only 3 cm dialated and 85% effaced. so, they told me i wasn't progressing enough so they were gonna hook me up with pitocin. they had to wait to get a pump so they told me it would be awhile. they finally came in around 4 AM and hooked me up with the IV with pitocin. i tried to get some sleep after that but i only slept about an hour and a half. they came in with some breakfast and checked me again around 10 AM. i was 5 CM dialated so i was progressing! i went to the bathroom & i lost my mucos plug. they told me i got get an epidural now if i wanted it and i really did. the contractions weren't as terrible as i thought but they were getting worse. i considered doing it without anything but even the nurse said i might regret that, haha. so, at 11:30 they came the epidural and the prick didn't hurt at all, it was soo worth it. omg, i loved it! it's probably one of the the best feelings in the world! i was lucky i got the epidural when really hard labor hit, when they checked me again i was only 7 CM dialated so it wasn't going as fast as i wanted. By 5:30 PM, i was 9 CM dialated and they told i could start pushing in about 30 minutes. so i waited for the doctor to come back and i started pushing at about 6:30 PM. that was the hard part, i got so tired during the middle of it, i pushed for an hour and 30 minutes. they started giving me oxygen and made me keep in on the whole thing because i felt really lightheaded like i was going to pass out. my aunt held one of my legs & my mom held the other and one of the nurses held my hand, they were all so nice. i pushed sooo hard and i was getting even more tired. i tried a few different ways of pushing but i liked pushing on my back the best. they said her head was crowning and they would get me a mirror to see, i wasn't sure atfirst cause i thought i was pass out but i decided to go for it. so they brought in a mirror and omg the first thing i noticed was how much hair she had! i almost cried, i was so happy my little girl was almost here! then, they told me her head was out and to give one more big push and i did and she was out. i remember somebody saying it was 7:58. they handed her to me right away. the first thing i noticed is that she was kind of blue but she was crying a little bit, i was so happy, i started crying with her, haha :) then, they began sewing me up, i only got a fourth degree tear so i was lucky plus, she was really tiny to be fullterm but i'm tiny so thats why. after they cleaned her up they handed her to me right away, i'll never forget that moment. shes almost 6 weeks old now and i almost cry everytime i think about it still. all in all, labor wasn't as horrible as people say, i lived haha. it was soo worth everything. and someday i might do it again :)
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